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Amanda McCoy

Hi! I'm Amanda "VictoriouZ" McCoy and I am the owner and baker of VictoriouZ Sweets. I LOVE baking and for as long as I can remember, bread has always been my favorite food!

I received my Bachelor's in English from Florida Atlantic University and my Master's in Human Resources Management from the Florida Institute of Technology.


I've also studied at the Culinary Institute of Virginia in the Baking and Pastry Arts program.

Each order I produce is crafted with great care. I hope to bake for you and your loved ones soon. Use the links below to check out what I've been up to in the bakery!

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How We Began

The concept of VictoriouZ Sweets began in 2020 with a pan of caramel turtle brownies for a close family friend at the beginning of the pandemic. From there other friends and family members began to reach out requesting the safe production and delivery of baked goods and confections their families could enjoy, as many businesses had closed during a brief time of uncertainty. 

In 2021, I began attending the Culinary Institute of Virginia to help me understand the business of baking and pastry and turn my concept into a reality. After many months of recipe testing, culinary school, and bouncing ideas off multiple seasoned industry chefs, I was ready to re-introduce VictoriouZ Sweets by (me) Amanda 'VictoriouZ' McCoy.

Today, VictoriouZ Sweets is a baking and pastry provider that hosts monthly bake sales. We offer a variety of 6-inch cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and our signature banana pudding.

Our first order of caramel turtle brownies


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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